Results of New Jersey Immigration and COVID-19

As seen by the personal accounts, causes for immigration vary between individuals, and there is no definitive reason.  Immigration resulted in different populations moving across New Jersey, and they do follow trends.  The map on this site depicts the concentration of immigrants within the state.

Impacts on Immigrants: The state’s response to immigration is more welcoming and successful than most other states.  Also, New Jersey’s immigrants are from more countries than every state aside from New York (^1).  Seen on the data page, New Jersey’s immigrants come from almost every region in the world and offer a variety of advantages to its state.  I also mention that a common misconception of immigration is that most of them are illegal.  This state has the lowest proportion of illegal immigrants in the nation at only 11.3% (^2).  Many of those who are unfortunately illegal are still hard workers and are often misrepresented, associating them with crime and stereotypes that sometimes could not be farther from the truth.

Illegal immigrants can now get tested for COVID-19 (Immigration Law Blog).

COVID-19 and Immigrants: Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus began, many immigrants feared for their lives that they would be taken from their homes.  New Jersey’s cases soared and continue to rise, which concerns every single person in the state, especially illegal immigrants.  People believed the government would take advantage of this “opportunity” to raid houses, workplaces, and facilities of illegal immigrants.  However, many resources were instead provided to immigrants in the state.  Now, illegal immigrants have access to testing and hospital care if they cannot afford it (^3).  Many are affected by this pandemic, especially immigrants.  Because illegal immigrants live in fear of being caught by the government, many are hesitant to be tested.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated:

“Individuals should not avoid seeking medical care because they fear civil immigration enforcement,” (^4).

This serves as a relief for many because not only do they have access to testing for the virus, they do not have to fear being taken away while getting tested.  Society should not take advantage of the state that the world is in, and knowing that the government is not is comforting to those at risk.



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