Hudson County

Hudson County, New Jersey is shaded in red (Wikipedia).

Hudson County, New Jersey is not as densely-populated as Bergen County; however, much more of the population is born outside of the United States.  With a population of 676,000 people, approximately 77.4% are American citizens.  The immigration percentage is higher than Bergen County: as of 2017, 42.3% of residents were born outside of the U.S (a bit more than three times of the national average of 13.7%).  The ethnicities of the population are depicted in the chart below:


This chart depicts the percentages of races/nationality in Hudson County (statistics provided by Data USA).
Pictured is the flags of different nations on display at Multicultural Day in 2017 (West New York Website).

Cultural Influences: The most spoken language in Hudson County is Spanish.  Because almost 75% of the county’s ethnicities is not white, each city experiences the influences of immigration.  Examining West New York specifically, the city welcomes all cultures with parades and events where people are able to celebrate their heritage.  On Multicultural Day, visitors get provided with a variety of cuisine, live music, and entertainment unique to each nation.  Without immigration, people could not have exposure to the same experiences that they have now.  People share dances of their countries and famous dishes native to their homes.

A group showcases a famous dance native to their country (West New York website).


Bergenline Avenue and West New York: This famous street stretches across Union City, West New York, Guttenberg, and North Bergen.  Stores, shops, and restaurants line the strip and provide visitors with a range of cultures to experience.  The street also celebrates different cultures through parades, where many onlookers beam with pride and celebrate their nationality.  An asset to the street, however, is its close proximity to New York City.  Upon arrival, immigrants are able to go to the city for work if need be.  It is easier to find opportunities for employment, and they can use public transportation.  Policies and events unique to the city can be found here.

The New York City skyline seen from the West New York parks (West New York website).



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