The Evolution of African American Social and Political Thought Past to Present

Name: Karl Johnson

Discipline: Africana Studies

Courses/Semesters Taught: African American Social and Political Thought (AFST 208), Spring 2020 – Online Course

Digital Tools: Word Press, Omeka, Blogs, Timelines,  to produce Digital Archives, and Exhibits

Sample Omeka digital archive screen

My course AFST 208- African American Social and Political Thought, Spring 2020 will be taught as an Online Course with a couple on campus student workshop/meetings for the 1st time.  However, additional proven Digital Pedagogy is needed to make it successful for the Ramapo College students.  I have already attended the HGS Digital Pedagogy Workshop on May 21, 2019, and plan on utilizing Digital Archives and Exhibits and timelines that would fit well with the course. I also plan on attending any additional WordPress and Omeka workshops provided.

Along with using Digital Pedagogy to enhance my assignments, I would like to connect my students in the course with the digital archives available with the Smithsonian and/or similar sites and digital info from the world-famous National Museum of African History and Culture in Washington, D.C.  This relatively new National Museum of African History and Culture is free to the American public but is still a difficult ticket to get.  Its also so large that it will take a couple days at least to see its exhibits and how it uses digital Pedagogy firsthand on site to enthrall the public.  I plan on dedicating a couple days during 2019 to visit this famous museum to observe and analyze its approach to digital history firsthand.