Digital storytelling in Methods of Literary Studies

Name: Monika Giacoppe

Field: Literature/ English & Literary Studies

Courses: Methods of Literary Study (LITR 203), Spring 2020

Digital Tools: WeVideo or IMovie

For LITR 203 (Methods of Literary Study), students will create a digital story using WeVideo or iMovie software.  Students will bring in a single image, or a small set of images, to inspire and anchor their story.  It can be personal and factual, or entirely fictional.  The goal is to have students generate an idea for a story, and use digital technology to illustrate their narrative, while also accompanying that story with a voice-over and, potentially, sound. 

Students will also have to write a short commentary about their story, explaining how and why they made the decisions they did in terms of narrative structure, illustrations, etc. 

This combination of activities (the production of the story, along with the commentary) will dovetail with the course focus:  examining what literature is, how a literary work functions, and how ideas about literature change over time.

This project will incorporate some of the techniques I learned at the Digital Storytelling workshop I attended this summer, sponsored by StoryCenter.  (I attended this workshop as my Career Development project.)  I also intend to use this process and this software for interviews in my Studies in the Arts and Humanities classes in the future. For this project, I will request funding for about 30 licenses for WeVideo from TLTR.  If that request is unsuccessful, I will find a way for students to work with the software available on many phones, although I think that having WeVideo on full-screen computers would make the process far, far easier.